Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Series wrap-up

We want to thank everyone that came out and raced not only this past weekend in awesome conditions, but all season long at the Boss Cross races. Jeremy and I have a ton of fun putting these events on and keeping the local cross scene strong. We have a lot of great things planned for next year to continue to make the Boss Cross series the best in town.

Here are the final season points for Boss Cross. Look for more races next year!

I want give a big congrats to all of our state champions for Missouri. Great racing to each and everyone of you. Both sides of the state were represented well.

Open: Josh Johnson : Columbia
Open W: Karen Brocket : Raytown
3: Sam Moore : St. Louis
4: Jose Burgarin : Hermann
4 W: Jessica Van Ackeren : Kansas City
Junior : Dakota Morrow : Liberty and Tori Brocket : Raytown
30+: Chris Hershey : Kansas City
35+: JP Brocket : Raytown
40+: Dwayne Goskinski : Crystal City
45+: John Jones : Bolivar
50+: Andy Luca : Kansas City
55+: Dale Sargent : Bolivar
60+: Dan Peak : Kansas City
SS: Aaron Koch : Webster Grove

I think these two pictures pretty much sum up the weekend!

We are excited for 2012 Boss Cross and have already started planning. With 5 more local races to finish up the local calendar there is plenty of racing still yet to come.
Our first Race of 2012 will be September 29th and 30th.

Wheel recovery program

I recovered a pair of wheels left in the pit Sunday. If you can identify the wheels and tires then you may claim your prize at cycle city.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Link to Bitchin Photos

I'm going to make this short and sweet.  You guys kick ass, so check out the photos by this kickass photog, Phil Peterson.  Check his pics of the races this weekend (http://www.flickr.com/photos/philpeterson/sets/72157628266166603/), then cruise over to his website (http://www.phil-peterson.com/) to see some photos of some crazy shit.

I'll write more later.  Thanks for a great season.  I'm torched, but not half as torched as you racers.

Weekend Results!

Thanks to everyone that came out and raced this weekend, I hope everyone has as much fun as I did! I look forward to next year's season of Boss Cross! We will bring back some classic venues, bigger events, and more exciting racing!
For now, here are the results from this past weekend. See everyone at the remaining 5 local races!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

BC Leaders!

Today is the final of the 2011 Boss Cross Series!
It's raining now and there's a good chance it's going to rain much of the day! Should be a fun one!
Current Leaders:
Open Men: Andrew Coe
Open Women: Sarah Worthington
Cat 3 Men: Kyle Skinner (Who has since moved up) Keck and Ira Brown are close behind!
Cat 4 Men: Aaron Sims with Adam Roeser close behind
Cat 4 40+: Rick Krepps is running away with it...time to race masters
Masters 40+: David Hejduk
Masters 50+: Andy Lucas
Masters 60+: David Wamsley
Singlespeed: Kent Woermann
Womens 4: Jessica Vanackeren
Womens 4 40+: Wendy Guilbeau
Juniors: Jack Funk

Full series points will be posted at race today!
Remember Sundays MO State Champs schedule is a bit different than what we've always used. Check out that flyer as well!
See you out there!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Directions to Raytown BMX Course

The address of the race course is 12605 Frost Road, KCMO.  See the map below for directions.


View Larger Map">

Monday, November 21, 2011

MO States CX Championships

So, a couple of days actually, sometimes ends up being more than a week. I suck, as many of you either know first hand, or are learning as I type... However, as you also know, Joe and I (hopefully) deliver when the time comes. Anyway, looking forward to see you, Out of Towners. Gimme a call or email with any questions.

Boss Cross #4 Flyer

Read it and weep. See you in December

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boss Cross Finals/MO State CX Championships - December 3 and 4

Greetings, I'll be posting flyers in a couple days for the weekend of racing, but I wanted to take a couple of minutes to communicate with you all. Listen up. First, Boss Cross finals will be on Saturday, using the normal BC categories and times. Anyone who's been to a Boss Cross races knows the score... Last year, we kind of screwed up (not a lot, but a bit) by trying to meld Boss Cross with MO State CX racing. As I said before, a couple people got hosed out of series victories and starting position due to the clumsy category sequences... So, this year, we solved it with two race days. As everyone knows, SBO folded, and we have decided to not pursue online registration. Frankly, we don't see the value in it. Our fields are not huge, it costs money, and you guys still have to wait in line. The only tangible benefit that can be identified is call up advantage. We will work out a decent callup procedure and will present it before race day. Likely it will simply be the results from last year on the front row and a cattle call for the remainder. Lemme know what you think. The races will be held at Raytown BMX, the same place as Boss Cross #3. It's bitchin. There are hotels nearby on Noland Road (to the east, about 15 minutes), and on 350 highway, about 10 minutes west of the venue. I'll post maps this weekend, but check previous posts for directions and use google. The course will change slightly from BC #3. Joe's got some ideas about how to incorporate more pavement and mix things up a bit. But, the track will be part of the course if it's dry. Work on riding it. As people who raced on Halloween weekend, they know the course is deceptively hard. You need some power, skill, and balls to ride it well. Something for everyone... See you soon.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Whew! Results!

Completely bad ass day of racing, y'all. Hope you liked the venue, and I hope you let the track managers know.... More to come, results below. results

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leader's Jerseys (points)!

Alright folks, BC3 is upon us. Points are tallied, and the 2011 Boss Cross Leader's Jersey's are in! I will make sure you know at registration if you are in the leader's jerseys and you will wear it proudly!
Here are your leaders (top 10 score each race)
Open : Andrew Coe
3 : Kyle Skinner
4 : Aaron Sims
40+ : David Hejduk
50+ : Andy Lucas
60+ : David Wamsley
4 40+ : Rick Krepps
SS : Kent Woermann
W Open : Sarah Worthington
W 4 : Jessica Vanackeren
W 4 40+ : Wendy Guilbeau
Junior : Jack Funk

make us proud!

B's for always bitchin, MX for must be extreme

I won't lie to you. The course is awesome. It's flat, so some of you think you will ride away from everyone... not so fast. While the course is fast, it's also hard. There are a couple places where you will need both skill and balls to ride your bike. Bring both. also bring your fast legs.... Most of the course is smooth and nice. But there are some bumpy sections, which you can thank the lack of rain for. As a promoter, I like the lack of rain. It's easier to look a land manager in the eye when you haven't had 200 maniacs riding through mud for 5 hours on his grass. The good thing about the bumpy sections is at least they are not in the windy sections of the course.... Thank the warm weather for the wind.... We need to thank the folks who take care of Raytown BMX for allowing us to race here. This is a place where we can have a lot of fun. Hopefully we can bring some juniors into the sport. BMX kids are naturals at cyclocross. Ask Sven Nys about it. But we also need to remember that we are guests here. When we were setting the course up today, there were several dads patching holes in the course while their kids either helped or dicked around. These guys are supporting bike racing because of love for their kids. We do it for fun for mostly adults. This puts things into perspective a bit. The course/track is located on School District property where there is a no-alcohol policy. We need to make sure there is no PUBLIC alcohol consumption, and I don't want to see any bottles/cans in the trashcans while we're picking up after you guys. Like I said, these guys are busting their asses for their kids. Let's not jeaopardize that... Joe is going to put up points later tonight. We have received the leaders jerseys from Verge, as you saw last year, they are freaking awesome. So, callups: Series leader then pre-registered, then points contenders, then everyone else. See you tomorrow. Hard and fast is the name of the game...

Friday, October 28, 2011

BC #3 Sunday!

Folks it's that time again for Boss Cross! Race #3 is this Sunday October 30th at Raytown BMX Track
Directions can be found on their site (435 to 350 E to Westridge Rd. (b/t raytown rd and noland rd) North to Frost Rd (right on Frost and you're there), or you can check out the map here
Looking forward to racing at an exciting new venue! Course will be fast yet challenging, with concessions, four cross starting in the afternoon, and bmx racing in the evening!
Check out the facebook event here
See you Sunday!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Boss Cross #3 - Raytown BMX!!

Short and sweet - Sunday, October 30, we're racing at Raytown BMX. We won't be on the track because there will also be BMX and 4-Cross MTB racing going on at the same time. It will be bitchin. Directions to come later this week. Ciao.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


All, We've learned as of yesterday that Sportsbaseonline.com is going out of business. This means that you should not pre-register for any future races as we won't get your entry fee or any support from SBO for importing your information into our registry. If you've already pre-registered, no worries - you can race as normal. I'm working with SBO to get all the information for current pre-registrants into a workable system. For the remainder of the season, registration will be day of race only. We're working to make the waiting line shorter, and I think we were really successful about that both Saturday and Sunday, especially Sunday. thanks and talk to you soon. Jeremy & Joe

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boss Cross 1 in the books!

Many thanks to all who came out to race today! Great weather, fast racing, awesome fan support. I will have points totalled after tomorrow's race for the series. We hope to have leader's jerseys for all series leaders at BC3 on October 30.
We have recovered a few items today that can be picked up at registration tomorrow....Matt Eastlack you may want your checkbook (thanks for dinner!).
Come ready to race again tomorrow!

Awesome Start to the Series!!!

Wow! Great weather, great racing, and a kick-ass venue really brought the season into full swing for us at Boss Cross. You guys came out and made an awesome day for us. Many thanks. Thanks for being cool to the softball people and the martial arts people... Joe will have points for the Boss Cross Leaders tomorrow. Remember to bring your numbers, and please, please, park by the school! See you in the AM.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

BC details

We hope everyone is as excited to race cross this weekend as we are! Barry Platte Park has become a quickly become a classic northland venue with plenty of varied terrain with some fast sections and some tough sand runs.
Directions: 1-69 North to Barry Rd. Left (west) on Barry Rd (.5 miles). Right (North) on Platte Purchase Rd, Left (West) on 87th St. Park at Barry School and use sidewalk to connect to Barry Platte Park.
We will be setting up tomorrow afternoon, so if you want to come check out the course stop in around 4:00 or so, and the course will be about set up.

Two of our previous venues, English Landing Park and EH Young Park (home of last year's state championship) were flooded and severerly damaged this year. This has caused a scramble on our end to secure some more venues. We've got a couple up our sleeves for later in the season, but this weekend we'll be racing hard at Barry Platte Park! See you there!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Boss Cross New and Details - Check it!

Hello all for 2011- Sorry for the lack of news. As you have probably figured, the flooding of 2011 dealt Boss Cross a harsh blow. 2 prized venues have spent the spring and summer underwater. The upside is that we have lots of new, natural sand. The downside is that we don't get to race in these parks this year. That's cool. We've been complacent, and it's forced use to find new venues, which is why we've been neglecting an update... Good news for 2011 - Boss Cross is going to do two weekends. We noticed a dearth of weekend racing this year, so we're filling the void. Kansas City Cross is huge, and we think we need to be racing Saturday and Sunday whenever possible. Second good news for 2011 - We are going to be rolling out a new park (to be named later...) in Kansas City North as a new venue for State CX Champs and Boss Cross 4. Which brings us to... Good News #3 - We (I - Jeremy) screwed up last year. I hosed Andy Lucas out of the Overall victory because we squeezed BC categories into MO State CX categories. Not that Dave H isn't a worthy winner, he's fast, a cool dude, and definitely deserved his win; however, I deprived both Dave and Andy the chance to dice it up and throw down for the V... Not this year. We are going to do Boss Cross Finals (#4) and MO State CX on separate days that way I can't be blamed for someone losing... even though I still think about it all the time... So, schedule (flyer to come later) Boss Cross 1 - Saturday, October 1 - Barry-Platte Park Boss Cross 2 - Sunday, October 2 - Barry-Platte Park Boss Cross 3 - Sunday, October 30 - Venue TBD (maybe wyco, maybe KC North, lots of options being tied down) Boss Cross 4 - Saturday, December 3 - Venue TBD (likely Gladstone - Oak Park) MO State CX Championships - Sunday December 4 - Venue TBD A flyer will be put out soon. You can begin preregistration at www.sportsbaseonline.com (as usual) on Tuesday September 5. Same categories and start times as last year, same entry fee, same package deal ($85) for all 4 Boss Cross races. Can't add CX States into that. Sorry. Racing starts on October 1. See you at Manions on 9/24... Hit me up with questions as usual... I'm around and will get back to you! Jeremy and Joe