Monday, October 31, 2011

Whew! Results!

Completely bad ass day of racing, y'all. Hope you liked the venue, and I hope you let the track managers know.... More to come, results below. results

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leader's Jerseys (points)!

Alright folks, BC3 is upon us. Points are tallied, and the 2011 Boss Cross Leader's Jersey's are in! I will make sure you know at registration if you are in the leader's jerseys and you will wear it proudly!
Here are your leaders (top 10 score each race)
Open : Andrew Coe
3 : Kyle Skinner
4 : Aaron Sims
40+ : David Hejduk
50+ : Andy Lucas
60+ : David Wamsley
4 40+ : Rick Krepps
SS : Kent Woermann
W Open : Sarah Worthington
W 4 : Jessica Vanackeren
W 4 40+ : Wendy Guilbeau
Junior : Jack Funk

make us proud!

B's for always bitchin, MX for must be extreme

I won't lie to you. The course is awesome. It's flat, so some of you think you will ride away from everyone... not so fast. While the course is fast, it's also hard. There are a couple places where you will need both skill and balls to ride your bike. Bring both. also bring your fast legs.... Most of the course is smooth and nice. But there are some bumpy sections, which you can thank the lack of rain for. As a promoter, I like the lack of rain. It's easier to look a land manager in the eye when you haven't had 200 maniacs riding through mud for 5 hours on his grass. The good thing about the bumpy sections is at least they are not in the windy sections of the course.... Thank the warm weather for the wind.... We need to thank the folks who take care of Raytown BMX for allowing us to race here. This is a place where we can have a lot of fun. Hopefully we can bring some juniors into the sport. BMX kids are naturals at cyclocross. Ask Sven Nys about it. But we also need to remember that we are guests here. When we were setting the course up today, there were several dads patching holes in the course while their kids either helped or dicked around. These guys are supporting bike racing because of love for their kids. We do it for fun for mostly adults. This puts things into perspective a bit. The course/track is located on School District property where there is a no-alcohol policy. We need to make sure there is no PUBLIC alcohol consumption, and I don't want to see any bottles/cans in the trashcans while we're picking up after you guys. Like I said, these guys are busting their asses for their kids. Let's not jeaopardize that... Joe is going to put up points later tonight. We have received the leaders jerseys from Verge, as you saw last year, they are freaking awesome. So, callups: Series leader then pre-registered, then points contenders, then everyone else. See you tomorrow. Hard and fast is the name of the game...

Friday, October 28, 2011

BC #3 Sunday!

Folks it's that time again for Boss Cross! Race #3 is this Sunday October 30th at Raytown BMX Track
Directions can be found on their site (435 to 350 E to Westridge Rd. (b/t raytown rd and noland rd) North to Frost Rd (right on Frost and you're there), or you can check out the map here
Looking forward to racing at an exciting new venue! Course will be fast yet challenging, with concessions, four cross starting in the afternoon, and bmx racing in the evening!
Check out the facebook event here
See you Sunday!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Boss Cross #3 - Raytown BMX!!

Short and sweet - Sunday, October 30, we're racing at Raytown BMX. We won't be on the track because there will also be BMX and 4-Cross MTB racing going on at the same time. It will be bitchin. Directions to come later this week. Ciao.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


All, We've learned as of yesterday that is going out of business. This means that you should not pre-register for any future races as we won't get your entry fee or any support from SBO for importing your information into our registry. If you've already pre-registered, no worries - you can race as normal. I'm working with SBO to get all the information for current pre-registrants into a workable system. For the remainder of the season, registration will be day of race only. We're working to make the waiting line shorter, and I think we were really successful about that both Saturday and Sunday, especially Sunday. thanks and talk to you soon. Jeremy & Joe

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boss Cross 1 in the books!

Many thanks to all who came out to race today! Great weather, fast racing, awesome fan support. I will have points totalled after tomorrow's race for the series. We hope to have leader's jerseys for all series leaders at BC3 on October 30.
We have recovered a few items today that can be picked up at registration tomorrow....Matt Eastlack you may want your checkbook (thanks for dinner!).
Come ready to race again tomorrow!

Awesome Start to the Series!!!

Wow! Great weather, great racing, and a kick-ass venue really brought the season into full swing for us at Boss Cross. You guys came out and made an awesome day for us. Many thanks. Thanks for being cool to the softball people and the martial arts people... Joe will have points for the Boss Cross Leaders tomorrow. Remember to bring your numbers, and please, please, park by the school! See you in the AM.