Sunday, November 1, 2009

BC3 in the books!

Thanks everyone for a great event yesterday. The weather was perfect, the racing was great, and the food was even good. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on a very difficult course. Each season we need one course that wakes us up, and I think this was that race. The hills and technical sections played a major part in the results, but with many riders throwing down sub 5:00 minute laps, it couldn't have been that hard!
Race points should be up very soon, and series points are circulating and will be posted soon as well.
Next race is December 5, at a new venue called Barry Platte Park (169 and Barry Rd) on old Stagecoach Rd. Super easy to get to, and less than 10 minutes from downtown. It will offer some really cool features and test us all!
I recovered a couple items at the race:
1 Bike Shack wind vest small (actually from the 10/4 race)
1 set of Bontrager Race Lite wheels (if you know what color they are and what tires are on them they are yours).
Shoot me an email at if either these are yours, or if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the races or anything else we do for that matter.