Saturday, October 29, 2011

B's for always bitchin, MX for must be extreme

I won't lie to you. The course is awesome. It's flat, so some of you think you will ride away from everyone... not so fast. While the course is fast, it's also hard. There are a couple places where you will need both skill and balls to ride your bike. Bring both. also bring your fast legs.... Most of the course is smooth and nice. But there are some bumpy sections, which you can thank the lack of rain for. As a promoter, I like the lack of rain. It's easier to look a land manager in the eye when you haven't had 200 maniacs riding through mud for 5 hours on his grass. The good thing about the bumpy sections is at least they are not in the windy sections of the course.... Thank the warm weather for the wind.... We need to thank the folks who take care of Raytown BMX for allowing us to race here. This is a place where we can have a lot of fun. Hopefully we can bring some juniors into the sport. BMX kids are naturals at cyclocross. Ask Sven Nys about it. But we also need to remember that we are guests here. When we were setting the course up today, there were several dads patching holes in the course while their kids either helped or dicked around. These guys are supporting bike racing because of love for their kids. We do it for fun for mostly adults. This puts things into perspective a bit. The course/track is located on School District property where there is a no-alcohol policy. We need to make sure there is no PUBLIC alcohol consumption, and I don't want to see any bottles/cans in the trashcans while we're picking up after you guys. Like I said, these guys are busting their asses for their kids. Let's not jeaopardize that... Joe is going to put up points later tonight. We have received the leaders jerseys from Verge, as you saw last year, they are freaking awesome. So, callups: Series leader then pre-registered, then points contenders, then everyone else. See you tomorrow. Hard and fast is the name of the game...

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