Thursday, September 29, 2011

BC details

We hope everyone is as excited to race cross this weekend as we are! Barry Platte Park has become a quickly become a classic northland venue with plenty of varied terrain with some fast sections and some tough sand runs.
Directions: 1-69 North to Barry Rd. Left (west) on Barry Rd (.5 miles). Right (North) on Platte Purchase Rd, Left (West) on 87th St. Park at Barry School and use sidewalk to connect to Barry Platte Park.
We will be setting up tomorrow afternoon, so if you want to come check out the course stop in around 4:00 or so, and the course will be about set up.

Two of our previous venues, English Landing Park and EH Young Park (home of last year's state championship) were flooded and severerly damaged this year. This has caused a scramble on our end to secure some more venues. We've got a couple up our sleeves for later in the season, but this weekend we'll be racing hard at Barry Platte Park! See you there!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Boss Cross New and Details - Check it!

Hello all for 2011- Sorry for the lack of news. As you have probably figured, the flooding of 2011 dealt Boss Cross a harsh blow. 2 prized venues have spent the spring and summer underwater. The upside is that we have lots of new, natural sand. The downside is that we don't get to race in these parks this year. That's cool. We've been complacent, and it's forced use to find new venues, which is why we've been neglecting an update... Good news for 2011 - Boss Cross is going to do two weekends. We noticed a dearth of weekend racing this year, so we're filling the void. Kansas City Cross is huge, and we think we need to be racing Saturday and Sunday whenever possible. Second good news for 2011 - We are going to be rolling out a new park (to be named later...) in Kansas City North as a new venue for State CX Champs and Boss Cross 4. Which brings us to... Good News #3 - We (I - Jeremy) screwed up last year. I hosed Andy Lucas out of the Overall victory because we squeezed BC categories into MO State CX categories. Not that Dave H isn't a worthy winner, he's fast, a cool dude, and definitely deserved his win; however, I deprived both Dave and Andy the chance to dice it up and throw down for the V... Not this year. We are going to do Boss Cross Finals (#4) and MO State CX on separate days that way I can't be blamed for someone losing... even though I still think about it all the time... So, schedule (flyer to come later) Boss Cross 1 - Saturday, October 1 - Barry-Platte Park Boss Cross 2 - Sunday, October 2 - Barry-Platte Park Boss Cross 3 - Sunday, October 30 - Venue TBD (maybe wyco, maybe KC North, lots of options being tied down) Boss Cross 4 - Saturday, December 3 - Venue TBD (likely Gladstone - Oak Park) MO State CX Championships - Sunday December 4 - Venue TBD A flyer will be put out soon. You can begin preregistration at (as usual) on Tuesday September 5. Same categories and start times as last year, same entry fee, same package deal ($85) for all 4 Boss Cross races. Can't add CX States into that. Sorry. Racing starts on October 1. See you at Manions on 9/24... Hit me up with questions as usual... I'm around and will get back to you! Jeremy and Joe