Saturday, October 27, 2012

Series Points and Racing Cross!

Today is the day for Boss Cross 3 and 4!
I have series points totaled and they will be at the race (top 10 score points)
We also have Boss Cross Leaders Jerseys for all categories with 3+ riders in them!  Wear them with pride!
The course is good and fast! You're really going to dig it.
Make sure to bring your numbers from Boss Cross 1 and 2 or receive a publish tongue lashing from the ladies.  Also, if you've got extra safety pins (we all have a bin on the dryer) bring them.  Let's re-use those bad boys!  See you soon!

1/2 Joseph Schmalz
3 Jake Schell
4 Jeret Kusiak
Masters 40+ Richard Hu
Masters 50+ Steve Songer
Masters 60+ Steve Schweiker
W Cat 4 Shelley Egli
W Open Sarah Worthington
W 40+ Wanda Simchuk
Single Speed Roger Williams

Thursday, October 25, 2012

BC 3 & 4 this weekend at EH Young Park

Ladies and Gents,
This weekend is almost here.   Boss Cross 3 and 4 back at everyone's favorite venue EH Young Park in Riverside.  Great course, great new prizes, bigger payout for cash races!
I'll post series leaders and more info tonight!
Let me know if you have any questions...
And yes, Jeremy is in town!