Sunday, August 31, 2008

Greetings, Howdy, and All That Stuff

Welcome to the Boss Cross blog. This is the best source for information on the 2008 Boss Cross Cyclocross Series. We will be posting venues, course maps, and other assorted stuff to keep all of you up to date on the developments for this season.

Quickly, BC08 will be presenting two new venues this year:

11/01/08 - Tiffany Springs Park, Kansas City, MO (Home of the Boss Cross Short Track Cross Country Mountain Bike Series - If you missed this one, you're lame)

11/28/08 - Platte Hills Park, Platte City, MO - New portion of the park we debuted last year

12/28/08 - English Landing Park, Parkville, MO - Pretty much the same bitchin course as last year

So, bookmark the page, we'll be updating it often... See you soon!