Saturday, December 3, 2011

BC Leaders!

Today is the final of the 2011 Boss Cross Series!
It's raining now and there's a good chance it's going to rain much of the day! Should be a fun one!
Current Leaders:
Open Men: Andrew Coe
Open Women: Sarah Worthington
Cat 3 Men: Kyle Skinner (Who has since moved up) Keck and Ira Brown are close behind!
Cat 4 Men: Aaron Sims with Adam Roeser close behind
Cat 4 40+: Rick Krepps is running away with it...time to race masters
Masters 40+: David Hejduk
Masters 50+: Andy Lucas
Masters 60+: David Wamsley
Singlespeed: Kent Woermann
Womens 4: Jessica Vanackeren
Womens 4 40+: Wendy Guilbeau
Juniors: Jack Funk

Full series points will be posted at race today!
Remember Sundays MO State Champs schedule is a bit different than what we've always used. Check out that flyer as well!
See you out there!

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