Friday, September 28, 2012

It's here!

Folks, the course is set up, dialed and ready to rip!  Bring those fast legs this weekend as this course has some power, flow and even some climbing.
Couple heads up items:
EH Young Park is located next to Argosy Casino in Riverside.  The old entrance is closed so you will need to enter the park like you are going to the casino. The park sits just to the east of the casino.  Follow the signs and you'll find it easily.
First race is at 10:30, registration opens at 8:30.
I'll be down at the race bright and early tomorrow, so if anyone has any questions let me know: 816-820-0366

Race 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 Flyer - Finally!

So, here's the first Boss Cross weekend where I won't be there.  I'm bummed.  I've got to say, I miss the fall air (it's getting hot here), I miss skinny knobbies on grass (my CX bikes got here last month and are still in boxes under the house), I miss mud (hasn't rained in 50+ days). Mostly I miss cross racing and KC. 

But, true to form, I'm running late on stuff.  So here's the flyer.  I know there's a mistake, but you wouldn't believe the hell I go through for internet here. Really. It may just be me, but editing documents, or locating software to do the edits, is a real difficulty. In a lot of ways Australia is pretty modern.  But I think that the kangaroos are still hopping across western australia with the string that provides my connection.

Have a good season.  I'll be in touch. And thanks to Joe and Co (cycle city, wes, Boulevard Beer, et. al.) for keeping the flame burning. Get it on.
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Monday, September 17, 2012

BC 1/2

Here's the flyer from USAC
More info coming this week!  We are really excited to be back racing at EH Young Park.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boss Cross 1 and 2

Ladies and Gents,
Boss Cross #1 and #2 will be held at EH Young Park in Riverside on September 29/30!
You all know where the park is, how awesome it is, and how stoked you are to race there again!
Here's the need to know until the flyer is posted...

 Start Time  Gender  Discipline Category  Age  Prizes  Places  Length   Fee 

10:30 Mens cross Masters 40+ Merchandise 345 
10:30Mens cross Masters 50+ Merchandise 345   $25
10:30 Mens cross Masters 60+ Merchandise 345   $25
11:30Mens cross Cat 4  Merchandise 335   $25
12:30Womens cross Cat 4  Merchandise 335   $25
12:30Womens cross Masters 40+ Merchandise 335   $25
12:30Womens cross Masters 50+ Merchandise 335   $25
1:30Mens cross Cat 3  Cash 445   $25
1:30Mens cross Singlespeed  Merchandise 345   $25
1:30Womens cross Cat 1/2/3  Cash 445   $25
2:30Mens cross Cat 1/2/3  Cash 560   $25

Juniors will race at 12:30 with the women's 4 and masters women
Payout for the Cat 3 race and Womens 1/2/3 will be (4) deep : 1st-$40, 2nd-$30, 3rd-$25, 4th-$20
Payout for the Cat 1/2/3 race will be (5) deep : 1st-$80, 2nd-$65, 3rd-$50, 4th-$40, 5th-$25

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back in the day...

So just in case you didn't know, I (Jeremy) moved to Brisbane, Australia, over the summer. Now, before you worry, Joe and Co. are getting it on with the 2012 Boss Cross season plans. More on that later this week.

I'm taking time to write and say that CX is alive and well down under, thanks to guys like Bradley Norman ( and Scot Kirton (Ipswich Cycling Club).  I attended my first CX race at the criterium park near my pad (pretty cool!) and I was stoked at what I saw.  Now, seriously, I was amazed at how similar it was to the old Slimenundgrossen days.  A handful of people creating something new for a handful of people. Albeit the weather was perfect - much better for a 4-hour road ride rather than cyclocross race - but that's beside the point. There was creativity, passion, and motivation that was great to experience. These guys are doing it right, the same way Mark, Joel, and Curt did it right.  And it made me realise something - that CX is not necessarily defined as racing you do when it's too shitty out to go for a long ride - something that I, or most anyone, would define it as, but it's something you do because it's fun.

So much fun, in fact, that I repaired some broken tape, pounded stakes, drank some beer, and volunteered to put on a race here in BNE next year.

So, thanks to Brad, Scott, Joel, Mark, Curt, Roger, Mike, Joe, Chris, Bill, Andrew, Greasy, KLD, Moto, Chestnut, and all the other people who make or made cyclocross fun - for me and everyone else around the world.

Because I talk way too much, pal Rob Cobcroft, proprietor of a great Brisbane-based cycling blog ( hit the record button and let me ramble.  I'm sure I sound like a douche and probably take way more credit than I deserve (not intentionally!), but the point is that Kansas City CX is world wide, that's something we can all take credit for...

So, check out his site and let him know what you guys think!

As far as this year's season goes, I'll be posting something this week. Keep posted.  See you guys soon.  and I'll miss you all this season.