Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BC 4 and Final Series Standing

I want to start out with a great big THANK YOU to everyone who made this season a great success!!! We had 4 absolutely great races, thanks mostly in part to you, the racers! It's been great to see the feedback and responses we have received after each race as we continue to impress new and seasoned racers with our courses. We may not have a flashy podium ceremony, but you are guaranteed to feel welcome at every Boss Cross event, and you are guaranteed to race on the best course out there.
2010 will promise to be an even better year. Once again we will have 4 killer races, bigger and better prize lists, and more fun than one should be allowed to have.
The series points have been tallied and results are in (thanks to microsoft excel). There were some really close battles for the title, and Saturday's race was the deciding factor in several categories. Remember, as our sport continues to grow, and as each of you continue to improve, it is your duty as a racer to race your respective category and strive to improve. If you won your category series in 2009, you can guarantee that you will not be starting a race in 2010 in that same category (unless you are one of those old masters). 4s will become 3s and 3s will become 2s. That's how bike racing works. Consider yourself called out now!

2009 Boss Cross Series Winners
Junior: Aaron Robertson, Cycle City Racing
Women 4: Kay Lehman, SKC Racing
Women Open: Kathryn Mueller, KCOI/Boulevard
Single Speed: Steve Songer, 360 Racing
Cat 1/2: Shad Shreiner, 360 Racing
Cat 3/4: Robert Shultz, SKC Racing
Cat 4: Tyler Shumacher, KCOI/Boulevard
Cat 4, 35+ B: Craig Hoppe, Shore Sports
Masters 35+: Josh Taylor, 360 Racing
Masters 45+: Tie: Andy Lucas, 360 Racing and Steve Songer, 360 Racing
Masters 55+: Doug Long, 360 Racing

Remember, as Series winners, not only do you get the fame and glory for the next 10 months, but you will also race for free for the entire 2010 Boss Cross Series! You will be put on "the list" for all 4 races, but that means you will also be racing in your respective category!
Once I can figure out these fancy computer thingies then I will post the entire excel file of the series results on here.
As much fun as Jeremy and I have putting on these races, and as relaxed as we like to keep the atmosphere, remember that we are doing this for you. Every promoter will tell you the same thing. In order to continue to improve upon what we do, I am asking for your opinions on how we do, what you like, and what you think we can improve. We want these races to be enjoyable, fun, and challenging. I think we do a damn good job at each of those, but of course I'm a little biased, so please, if you have something to say, then now is the time. Drop me a line at joe@cyclecitykc.com, leave a comment here, or better yet come see me at the shop.
I think Saturday was a great way to end my season as a promoter, and I hope to have a few more good races as a racer.
Here's a quote to brighten your day...I know it did mine.
"Great job on Saturday. That was, hands down, the most enjoyable and challenging course we've had all year. You and Jeremy do such an amazing job of putting things together...the bar has been raised again!"
Until next year.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


With this saturdays race being held within a neighborhood setting, we are going to park at Barry School on Platte Purchase Rd. This is 1 block east of Barry Platte Park which is on Old Stagecoach Rd. There is a sidewalk directly from the South parking lot of the school to the park. Please be respectful of the neighbors and of Platte County Parks and do not park along Old Stagecoach Rd. If you have any questions please ask or call Jeremy (816-695-8608) or Joe (816-820-0366).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BC4 Barry Platte Park 12/5!

It's that time again. Thanksgiving is over. We're all 5 pounds heavier than we were this time last week, and it's time to start thinking cross again. With only 4 more races on the local calendar we have to make each one count.
Boss Cross #4, the finale, is this Saturday 12/5 at Barry Platte Park. It's a killer venue that offers everything you want from a good cross course. Sand, rolling hills, lots of fast grass, some off camber descents, and some great paved sections. The park is really easy to get to. Take 1-69 north to the Barry Rd. Exit. Turn left and go 1/4 mile. Turn right on Old Stagecoach Rd. (signs pointing you toward park). The park is 2 blocks up on your left. Parking will be 1 block farther at Barry School. There is a sidewalk that goes straight to the park.
Registration opens at 9:00!
There are a lot of close races for the series. Remember, series winners will race for free in 2010!
10:00 A.M. Men 35+, 45+, 55+ 45 min
10:00 A.M. Women Open (1-4) 45 min
11:00 A.M. Men Cat 4 (35+ Beginners)
11:00 A.M. Women Cat 4 30 min
11:00 A.M. Junior 30 min
11:00 A.M. Single Speed (M &W) 30 min
12:00 P.M. Men Cat 4 30 min
1:00 P.M. Men Cat 3/4 45 min
2:00 P.M. Men Cat 1/2/3 60 min

Sunday, November 1, 2009

BC3 in the books!

Thanks everyone for a great event yesterday. The weather was perfect, the racing was great, and the food was even good. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on a very difficult course. Each season we need one course that wakes us up, and I think this was that race. The hills and technical sections played a major part in the results, but with many riders throwing down sub 5:00 minute laps, it couldn't have been that hard!
Race points should be up very soon, and series points are circulating and will be posted soon as well.
Next race is December 5, at a new venue called Barry Platte Park (169 and Barry Rd) on old Stagecoach Rd. Super easy to get to, and less than 10 minutes from downtown. It will offer some really cool features and test us all!
I recovered a couple items at the race:
1 Bike Shack wind vest small (actually from the 10/4 race)
1 set of Bontrager Race Lite wheels (if you know what color they are and what tires are on them they are yours).
Shoot me an email at joe@cyclecitykc.com if either these are yours, or if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the races or anything else we do for that matter.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boss Cross #3: Platte Ridge Park

What's up. It's that time again! Boss Cross #3 in all of it's hallowed goodness will be this Saturday (Halloween) at Platte Ridge Park in Platte City (I-29 and 371). Come dressed to impress and you may win free entry to our December 5 race at Barry Platte Park. All of you will remember the pain that this course can inflict on people from last year, but this year looks to be much warmer and will hopefully involve less snow!
Registration will open at 9:00.
10:00 A.M. Men 35+, 45+, 55+ 45 min
10:00 A.M. Women Open (1-4) 45 min
11:00 A.M. Men Cat 4 (35+ Beginners)
11:00 A.M. Women Cat 4 30 min
11:00 A.M. Junior 30 min
11:00 A.M. Single Speed (M &W) 30 min
12:00 P.M. Men Cat 4 30 min
1:00 P.M. Men Cat 3/4 45 min
2:00 P.M. Men Cat 1/2/3 60 min

Check below flyer for any further information and call the shop w/ questions...587-8181.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Results, Results, Results

I know everyone likes to see their name on the internets, and lots of guys have been emailin' requestin' these... So, lemme say to anyone interested, if I don't respond to your email in a timely fashion, there are two reasons: 1 - I'm lazy and a bad communicator, and for this I'm sorry, you deserve better, it's not you, it's me, and 2 - I'm sitting at a hotel bar in Jefferson City and don't have access to my home email account....

So, here are pdf's of the English Landing Cyclocross Classic Boss Cross presented by Cycle City Round's #1 and #2 Results. For you jerks who want excel format, I can't do that, believe it or not. You see the scoring software is some sort of access database that is beyond my comprehension. So, what you see is what you get.

Race Day Boss 1


Race Day Boss 2 Result

Monday, October 5, 2009

Round 3 Boss Cross and Beyond

Here's the flyer for the next two races again... Please note, and tell any old farts you know who want to race cross but aren't keen on getting their asses kicked by the young pups, we have added a 35+ Category 4 race at 11:00! Get'em out here!

Bc09 03 Flyer


Well, I'm shelled. I'm sure all you hardcores who raced both days are worse off than me... And you guys who raced one of the days are probably knackered too! I have to say, this was a bitchin weekend, ladies and gentlemen. You all really made the events badass... I must thank each and everyone for coming out, and I definitely have to shout out to Ted and Wes, as well as all the other volunteers, for helping out with what is a thankless job - wrangling incoming park users and course control. I know that there were some issues with people walking on the course during races. I also know that we need to work on it... however, despite this, I think the weekend was a sucess. We'll be posting results, series points, and all that crap in the next week or so, be patient.

This is going to be a staple on the calendar, gents... See you on Halloween!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

English Landing Cyclocross Classic Course Map


Here's a map of the course for the English Landing Cyclocross Classic. We intend to run the course in reverse for day #2. I don't know which will be worse.... Although, as you all know, we may change it up a bit before Saturday.

Also, please note the parking assignments. There's a classic car show going on in farmer's market on Saturday afternoon. This means that we need to park away from the venue in the western and northernmost areas so we can respect these other park users...

On another note, get your prereg done. Let's move into the 21st century. See y'all Saturday morning.

BC09 Course #1 0900929

Monday, September 28, 2009

Boss Cross Updates!

Only a few more days until the first Boss Cross of the year, and here are a few updates! Starting position will be base on registration order, so pre-register here at sports base online to get a first row starting position. Here is the race schedule. SS will be racing at 11:00.

Boss Cross #1 - 10/3/09 - English Landing Park, Parkville, MO
Boss Cross #2 - 10/4/09 - English Landing Park, Parkville, MO
Boss Cross #3 - 10/31/09 - Platte Ridge Park, Platte City, MO
Boss Cross #4 - 12/5/09 - Barry-Platte Park, Kansas City, MO

Race Schedule:

10:00 A.M. Men 35+, 45+, 55+ 45 min
10:00 A.M. Women Open (1-4) 45 min
11:00 A.M. Women Cat 4 30 min
11:00 A.M. Junior 30 min
11:00 A.M. Single Speed (M &W) 30 min
12:00 P.M. Men Cat 4 30 min
1:00 P.M. Men Cat 3/4 45 min
2:00 P.M. Men Cat 1/2/3 60 min

Any questions give me a call at the shop: 816-587-8181

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Announcements - Races #1 and 2 - English Landing Cyclocross Classic

You wouldn't believe it by reading this, but writing these posts is hard. All I really need to tell you, dear racers, is that the Boss Cross 2009 series kicks off on Saturday October 3 and Sunday October 4. We're trying to keep up with all of the other awesome cross series(es?) here in KC who have definitely raised the bar in terms of venue, production, amenities, and all that crap. I need to admit... I'm a pretty busy fellow (as everyone who takes a minute out of training, working, trying to be a good parent/spouse/student is as well), but what I may be that none of the rest of you are is super lazy. I'm also slower in life than I am on the bike.

How this affects you racers is that race information gets disseminated at a snail's pace and at the last minute. I'm usually sitting in a hotel bar after a bike ride tweaking the flyer or course maps or figuring out who's doing what when between gin and tonics and beers... Tired from a ride and half boozy from the drinks, I'm trying to get it right, really, but I can only focus for a short time...

So, as you have noticed, the general series flyer has been posted for a week or two. You can see venues, dates, categories (with new start times this year!), and prize lists... all the formal crap. But what I've been struggling to get out is information about Boss Cross #1 and #2 on Saturday and Sunday, October 3 and 4. We've put together a big prize list for this weekend kickoff - $1,000 for each day in cash and tons of bitchin prizes from TRP Brakes, Maxxis Tires, Cycle City, Boulevard Beer and others. We've also added a separate singlespeed category... Parkville has been really cool about welcoming us back into English Landing Park for the third year - even after last year's mudfest. We're changing up the course a bit - no a lot - and trying to make it harder... The goal is to make this weekend of Boss Crossin' a staple on the calendar... I'm even going to really far in to douche territory by naming it - English Landing Cyclocross Classic... Hopefully you all will help make this race a classic!

One last thing... I know that this is Octoginta weekend. And this sucks. Really. I've always maintained that cyclocross season should start the weekend after Octoginta, and you longtime BC'ers may remember that the series was the three weekends after Octoginta... Well, I now think that cyclocross is a season unto itself and we should be able to race as much cross as the guys who want to can... and while lots of crossers race on the road (or the trails for that matter), lots of us make cross our season. Other series(es) have recognized this and added dates in September (the KC Cup at Swope Park was bitchin!!), which has really helped the cross scene grow and lets CX'ers maximize the racing we can do here in KC... We're going to have four months of racing... awesome. So, if you're a guy who does race on the road, and does the Octoginta TT, go do it... then come race in the afternoon at Boss Cross - this is going to be a great weekend!

I removed the 1/2 flyer... thanks for a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boss Cross 2009 Season Flyer

Bc09 03 Flyer

Here it is, y'all. The flyer for the 2009 season of Boss Cross. As I said before, Races #1 and #2 are going to rock. $1,000 payouts both days. English Landing Park, Parkville. Yes.

Bc09 03 Flyer

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NEWS QUCKIE!!! Boss Cross 2009

Ok, kids. Allow me to apologize for not getting out any sooner... I really have no excuse. Anyway, e even though you haven't heard from us, we've been busy. Here's a quick update on the new season. I will be getting flyers out in the next couple of days. Promise.

Boss Cross #1 - Saturday October 3, 2009 - English Landing Park, Parkville, MO
Boss Cross #2 - Sunday October 4, 20o9 - English Landing Park, Parkville, MO

Boss Cross #3 - Saturday, October 31, 2009 - Platte Ridge Park, Platte City, MO

Boss Cross #4 - Saturday, December 5, 2009 - Barry-Platte Park, Kansas City, MO

So, we have expanded the series to 4 races this year, but the big news is the English Landing Cyclocross Classic the first weekend in October. We'll talk more about this later, but it is going to be bitchin. Check back soon