Sunday, December 5, 2010

Boss Cross 4 and MO State CX Champs Results

Man, oh, man... it was COLD yesterday! Many thanks to everyone who has antifreeze in their veins and honched it up out there. I want to especially thank all of the out of towners who came and raced. Lots of fast people...

Not only did the out of towners show us KC racers a clean set of wheels in most of the races, they also showed us how to visit a new scene and retain their dignity. One of our goals in hosting the MO CX Champs was to promote the best that KC racing had to offer. Racers, venues, spectators... I think most of this can be considered mission accomplished. However, a few of us left our manners at the soccer stadium. It's cool to have a rivalry and local pride and all that, but we should always... ALWAYS(!) be gracious hosts. I think that STL won the competition on that front. KC, let's do a better job next year. Save the hooligan shit for when Kevin Hartman comes back to town...

Now that I'm done with that, I want to congratulate all of the newly crowned state champs. Well done. But I do have a bit of warmth in my heart for the local guys who were able to bring a jersey home. Well done.

Here are the results for the day. Joe will calculate overall series points soon. The Bubba Cross guys will do what they will for the double points on their side of the state. There were a couple of rough patches trying to mix categories for USAC and Boss Cross. We will work on that for next year. Any constructive criticism is well received.

Boss 4 Results

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pre-registration closes at midnight THURSDAY

Pre-registration will close at midnight on Thursday night. Remember, if you are not a series leader (boss or bubba), or a defending state champ, then this is your shot to get a call up for the race. Check the link on the sidebar for Sports Base Online.
3 more days...

Boss/Bubba Cross points and 2009 State Champs!

For all to see, here is a list of defending 2009 MO State Champs... As you can see, not a lot of westerners in this list. I'll give Paul Quindry a pass since he's a former/honorary KC resident. Andy Lucas seems to be the only other guy holding up his end of the deal. KC, let's change this. STL and beyond, the gauntlet has been thrown... Good luck to all, and see you guys on Saturday morning!

2009 defending state champs.

cat. p-1-2 men: Josh Johnson
cat. 3 men: Dan Miller
cat. 4 men: Rock Wamsley
30+ men: Matt La Berta
35+ men: Paul Quindry
40+ men: Chris Heirre
45+ men: Andy Lucas
50+ men: Richard George
cat. 1-2-3 women: Carrie Cash
cat. 4 women: stephanie McCreary
jr. men: Aaron Stull
jr. women: Karen Brocket
single speed: Christopher Connolly

Here are the Boss Cross total points through Race #3. Don't ask me about the points, that's Joe Fox's deal. Also, we're going to do you STL guys a solid and post Bubba Cross points below...

Boss Cross Series Points
BossCross Results 2010-1

Bubba Cross Series Points
Bubba 2010 Points(1)