Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Directions to Raytown BMX Course

The address of the race course is 12605 Frost Road, KCMO.  See the map below for directions.


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Monday, November 21, 2011

MO States CX Championships

So, a couple of days actually, sometimes ends up being more than a week. I suck, as many of you either know first hand, or are learning as I type... However, as you also know, Joe and I (hopefully) deliver when the time comes. Anyway, looking forward to see you, Out of Towners. Gimme a call or email with any questions.

Boss Cross #4 Flyer

Read it and weep. See you in December

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boss Cross Finals/MO State CX Championships - December 3 and 4

Greetings, I'll be posting flyers in a couple days for the weekend of racing, but I wanted to take a couple of minutes to communicate with you all. Listen up. First, Boss Cross finals will be on Saturday, using the normal BC categories and times. Anyone who's been to a Boss Cross races knows the score... Last year, we kind of screwed up (not a lot, but a bit) by trying to meld Boss Cross with MO State CX racing. As I said before, a couple people got hosed out of series victories and starting position due to the clumsy category sequences... So, this year, we solved it with two race days. As everyone knows, SBO folded, and we have decided to not pursue online registration. Frankly, we don't see the value in it. Our fields are not huge, it costs money, and you guys still have to wait in line. The only tangible benefit that can be identified is call up advantage. We will work out a decent callup procedure and will present it before race day. Likely it will simply be the results from last year on the front row and a cattle call for the remainder. Lemme know what you think. The races will be held at Raytown BMX, the same place as Boss Cross #3. It's bitchin. There are hotels nearby on Noland Road (to the east, about 15 minutes), and on 350 highway, about 10 minutes west of the venue. I'll post maps this weekend, but check previous posts for directions and use google. The course will change slightly from BC #3. Joe's got some ideas about how to incorporate more pavement and mix things up a bit. But, the track will be part of the course if it's dry. Work on riding it. As people who raced on Halloween weekend, they know the course is deceptively hard. You need some power, skill, and balls to ride it well. Something for everyone... See you soon.