Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Series wrap-up

We want to thank everyone that came out and raced not only this past weekend in awesome conditions, but all season long at the Boss Cross races. Jeremy and I have a ton of fun putting these events on and keeping the local cross scene strong. We have a lot of great things planned for next year to continue to make the Boss Cross series the best in town.

Here are the final season points for Boss Cross. Look for more races next year!

I want give a big congrats to all of our state champions for Missouri. Great racing to each and everyone of you. Both sides of the state were represented well.

Open: Josh Johnson : Columbia
Open W: Karen Brocket : Raytown
3: Sam Moore : St. Louis
4: Jose Burgarin : Hermann
4 W: Jessica Van Ackeren : Kansas City
Junior : Dakota Morrow : Liberty and Tori Brocket : Raytown
30+: Chris Hershey : Kansas City
35+: JP Brocket : Raytown
40+: Dwayne Goskinski : Crystal City
45+: John Jones : Bolivar
50+: Andy Luca : Kansas City
55+: Dale Sargent : Bolivar
60+: Dan Peak : Kansas City
SS: Aaron Koch : Webster Grove

I think these two pictures pretty much sum up the weekend!

We are excited for 2012 Boss Cross and have already started planning. With 5 more local races to finish up the local calendar there is plenty of racing still yet to come.
Our first Race of 2012 will be September 29th and 30th.


Jeff Yielding said...

Hey guys, don't miss out on your chance to win a free entry to Dogfish Cross in Hermann!

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EAImages said...

I have started training in englewood park for cross season. This would make an awesome venue. How can we make that happen?

Jeremy said...

Thanks Jeff...
EA Images, I tried to get CX in Englewood Park about 10 years ago, but KCMO wasn't having it... Also, there's football in the good parts of the park on all Sundays in the fall. Bummer. It's a bitchin place to ride, and would be a bitchin place to race. Wish it could happen.