Friday, November 26, 2010

Boss Cross #4/MO State Champs Update


A few vocal people have identified some inconsistencies in our callup procedures which apparently favor people who live in the KC area. This isn't really true, but there was a bit of unintended bias toward people who race the Boss Cross Series, regardless of their residence. Shame on you STL for thinking that only KC area riders race this series! Just kidding. But really, good ideas were presented regarding our original flawed callup procedure, so now it's been changed. See the updated post below for the details...

Also, we are moving the women's open race to 10:00 am in order to accommodate for larger fields that we are anticipating. A revised flyer is posted below.

If you are traveling from out of town and need a place to stay, the race venue is located to our local den of iniquity, the Argosy Casino and Hotel. I've stayed there on a couple of occasions. The rooms are great. If falling asleep to the lullabye of slot machines isn't your thing, there is a Super 8 hotel (800 Nw Argosy Parkway, Riverside(816) 505-2888) across the street from the Argosy. There are several hotels located 10 minutes away in North Kansas City, just to the southeast. As I am not aware of how many of you out-of-towners to expect, i have not contacted the hotel to save a block of rooms or anything. If someone would like to take ownership of this task, let me know and we can do something like this. We will definitely consider it for next year depending on the response. The hotels, like I said are directly adjacent to the race course. Not only is the venue there, there is a cool gravel levee trail that you can take for a ride. It's a good spot.

We will not be setting up the course until 2:00pm on FRIDAY 12/3. This is at the request of the City of Riverside. We would ask that any pre-riders do not ride while we're setting up the course. this is like someone coming over to skate the 8 feet wide section of the new miniramp that just got masonite put on that afternoon... I understand that some of you out-of-towners need to check out the course before race day. We are using 90% of the course from the season opener of Boss Cross 2010, and there should be remnants of the course visible on the grass. Also, I will be out there most of the day trying to figure out a way to make the setup process more efficient. Which means that I can give some guys a tour of the course before we start staking and taping. Anyway, that's the deal. Keep the questions coming. email me at or call me @ 816-695-8608. I'm slow on the reply sometimes. Other times I'm not. Talk to you later.

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