Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boss Cross 3 Results and Wrap-Up

Ladies and Gents,

Thanks for making the 3rd round of Boss Cross so badass! The racing was great... tons of strong efforts, displays of amazing cycling skills, and lots of crashes! Several of you said that the course was harder than you expected. Awesome. Here at Boss Cross, we try to challenge each and every one of you racers to learn something new during the race. I think that this last weekend showed that even some of the most subtle features can make a race... and some apparently intimidating features aren't so bad. And sometimes going fast through a section is not the best way...

Anyway, we learned something this last weekend also... Bike racers use the toilet a lot!! We've got to apologize for the appalling crapper situation. That was lame for us to not think of getting another port-a-john out there. Next time we will. Promise.

Now, back to you racers. Again, the racing was awesome. We saw a change in the Verge Boss Cross Race Leader's jersey in at least one race, and in others retaining the jersey was a hard-fought battle. Thanks for doing Boss Cross and Verge so proud in your efforts to get that leader's jersey! Not only was the action on the course good, the party was bitchin as well. Boulevard totally came through with a keg of the BRAND NEW Amber Ale, which went down pretty well judging from the lightness of the keg during loading back into my truck.

We're dialing in our calendar for 2011 as we speak, but for the most part, you will find Boss Cross during the same weekends you've seen us in the past and in this year. Start planning now.

Results:BC03 Results

We'll see you at the Missouri State Champs on December 4!

Don't forget Joules Cross and Vet Cross this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Best course of the season, by a mile.

Other than a possible bladder infection now, you guys nailed it!

karl's jr. said...

i agree, awesome course!

Jeremy's Ho said...

Does anyone have a course map for BC 3? I can't, for the life of me, figure out how there wasn't a flyover or tunnel on that course.

Also, what about series points? Is there any intrigue left, or are the jerseys determined?

Anonymous said...

yeah what happened to the series points. Did we miss it. Also any idea on the location of the Mo State Champ?

Jeremy said...

Joe's got to calculate the series points. That's his baby... Map? I can work one up in my spare time. State Champs: EH Young Park, Riverside, MO

Anonymous said...

FYI: I noticed on the B.C. race flyer for the Cat 3 race prize list it says $200...$60+$50+$40+$30=$180

I'm not sure what the actual payout has been because I haven't won any, but I thought I would maybe help someone else out.

Anonymous said...

series points???