Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Public Service Announcement - KC NATS COURSE CLOSED FOR PRE-RIDE


Because the weather is going to turn nasty, KLM has requested that we help spread the word and let y'all know that there is NO PRE-RIDING on the Nationals course. We've been out there helping with setup and all that, and everyone has done a lot of hard work getting the course cherry for Thursday. So, we would like to avoid any damage to the course (tape, stakes, etc) before the racing starts... So, here's the official word:

Spread the word to your teammates and post on your websites that due to the rain and snow that we are getting the KCCX Course will be closed all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday to preserve the course. We want to minimize any pre-race damages to the turf and course equipment such as fence posts, barrier tape etc. We will make a decision on Wednesday whether or not we will allow any pre-riding before Thursday. Thanks in advance.

If we see you out there...


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