Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boss Cross #3!!!! Dec 28 - Back for the Attack


I really didn't want to do another flyer for BC #3. I'm lazy mostly. Also, I figured I could give y'all the info you need right here:

Sunday December 28
English Landing Park, Downtown Parkville

Racing times, categories and all that are the same for the two previous races. Screw it, check the flyer....

Bc08 03 Flyer

On another note, Kansas City has definitely earned a spot on the cycling map this year. Tons of good shit happened: Tour of Missouri, Cross Nationals, Chris Wallace, a huge expansion in local cross series... This may be the best year ever for cycling in this town. Some of you may disagree, and it probably is debatable, but the last three (three!!) months have been stellar.

Boss Cross has been ok too, I think. We have seen a ton of new people at our races, and it's great. The venues and courses have been awesome, thanks to the weather in November. Now, here's the last one of the year. If you remember last year's race, I think it was held around the same time, definitely similar weather. Wet, muddy, coldish. Some people may think that this is going to be an easy race... well, there's not a monster hill at English Landing, but we're still going to kick your teeth in. Come out, have fun.

See you soon.

P.S. Joe Fox is going to post the points leaders and standings for the series so far. He's worked out a new system (more sophisticated and probably smarter than anyone I ever devised in the early days), so it's up to him to get it posted. Call him at Cycle City and badger him for it. Really - 816-415-0001

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Lanternerouge said...

Hey Jeremy, need anything for Sunday, will take pics as always and cheer on the riders. Hey is the boat ramp in play this year? Mikey loves the boat ramp!!!!!