Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't miss Boss Cross this weekend!!

Folks, the time is almost here for the long awaited Boss Cross weekend!
Saturday's race will take place at a great new venue just west of downtown Parkville!!!
Directions below! The address is 16600 NW River Rd. Follow FF/River road west til you hit the gravel. Big gate at the east end of the gravel. Climb up til you're find a spot to park! Come race your butt off!! Great prizes, great food, fun and challenging course! And it's a KBCXR race! Come get points for you and your team!!
Sunday, Shawnee Civic Center (corner of Johnson and Pflumm (enter off of Johnson Drive entrance; don't worry there's two!) Site of early season clinic with some much updated features!
Once again, a KBCXR race!
Any questions, drop me a line or call the shop @ 816-587-8181
Also, the cannondale demo truck will be at the shop tomorrow (friday) and at both races with some killer bikes! Check it out!!

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Karl said...

Joe, Jeremy,
I have to say that you guys put together a awesome course Sunday. It flowed really well from feature to feature - even better since it was at such a small venue - great use of the whole park.
I'd compliment you on Saturday's course, but I missed that race.