Friday, November 16, 2012

Boss Cross 5/6!

It's that time again. Course is set up, staked and taped; bikes are ready, prizes are sorted and I'm off to bed!
I hope you all are looking forward to racing at English Landing as much as I am!  It's a great friendly park, lots of open terrain, and some tech features to keep us honest.  Couple house keeping items:
English Landing is a very public park. Lots of regular park users will be there (not knowing a race is going on).  Please be kind and courteous to these small town folks. I've lived in Parkville my entire life and I want to come back and race here next year!
Parking: Please park in the large parking lot by the farmers market.  We all have bikes, and we are all perfectly capable of riding them to registration.  There is absolutely no parking inside the park.
Bathrooms: There are 4 brand new ports by the bridge (boat ramp) to use.  The others have been locked and winterized.
Food: We'll have a handful of chili crock pots, but don't be afraid to visit some local eateries while you're up this way.  Favorites: Parkville Coffee, Franks, Riverbend, Rusty Horse (up by my shop, Cycle City).
I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow! Come ready to race!

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