Friday, September 28, 2012

Race 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 Flyer - Finally!

So, here's the first Boss Cross weekend where I won't be there.  I'm bummed.  I've got to say, I miss the fall air (it's getting hot here), I miss skinny knobbies on grass (my CX bikes got here last month and are still in boxes under the house), I miss mud (hasn't rained in 50+ days). Mostly I miss cross racing and KC. 

But, true to form, I'm running late on stuff.  So here's the flyer.  I know there's a mistake, but you wouldn't believe the hell I go through for internet here. Really. It may just be me, but editing documents, or locating software to do the edits, is a real difficulty. In a lot of ways Australia is pretty modern.  But I think that the kangaroos are still hopping across western australia with the string that provides my connection.

Have a good season.  I'll be in touch. And thanks to Joe and Co (cycle city, wes, Boulevard Beer, et. al.) for keeping the flame burning. Get it on.
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