Monday, September 20, 2010

MORE BIG NEWS and BCCX 2010 Flyer


First, let's get it out of the way, KC Cup is an awesome race. I'm stoked that it's the event that kicks off the season. The Series 60 and Team 360 go over the top to make sure we racers have a bitchin time. Yeah, the last two years, my race has been super crappy - I think 5 rolled tires between the two. Oh well, I guess I need to work on my bikes more often. The course is super cool, I love the single track... Several Belgian Superprestige races have single track/woods sections where the course designers put pads around trees that are in the middle of the course. Think about that for a second. Anway, the cross season is officially here. Awesome. I'm looking forward to Manion's.

NEXT, We will not be racing at English Landing in October. Parkville RiverFest is that weekend and the throngs of people in E.L. Park will be in our way. Soooo, we are moving the freakshow to E.H. Young Park in Riverside, MO. You know the place, De Stad used to put on great races there. Hopefully we can meet or exceed their high bar of excellence. E.H. Young is a great place, it's hillier (even if it's by just a bit), so we'll get some variation that we didn't get at Parkville. But, don't be alarmed, if it's up to us, we will be returning to Parkville later this year, or in 2011.... It's mandatory.

Other news re: the races will be posted later this week. Let's just say that we've got some great prizes lined up. Super sponsors this year who have really went out of their way to make our series, and your season successful!


Bc10 1,2,3 Flyer

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