Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BC 4 and Final Series Standing

I want to start out with a great big THANK YOU to everyone who made this season a great success!!! We had 4 absolutely great races, thanks mostly in part to you, the racers! It's been great to see the feedback and responses we have received after each race as we continue to impress new and seasoned racers with our courses. We may not have a flashy podium ceremony, but you are guaranteed to feel welcome at every Boss Cross event, and you are guaranteed to race on the best course out there.
2010 will promise to be an even better year. Once again we will have 4 killer races, bigger and better prize lists, and more fun than one should be allowed to have.
The series points have been tallied and results are in (thanks to microsoft excel). There were some really close battles for the title, and Saturday's race was the deciding factor in several categories. Remember, as our sport continues to grow, and as each of you continue to improve, it is your duty as a racer to race your respective category and strive to improve. If you won your category series in 2009, you can guarantee that you will not be starting a race in 2010 in that same category (unless you are one of those old masters). 4s will become 3s and 3s will become 2s. That's how bike racing works. Consider yourself called out now!

2009 Boss Cross Series Winners
Junior: Aaron Robertson, Cycle City Racing
Women 4: Kay Lehman, SKC Racing
Women Open: Kathryn Mueller, KCOI/Boulevard
Single Speed: Steve Songer, 360 Racing
Cat 1/2: Shad Shreiner, 360 Racing
Cat 3/4: Robert Shultz, SKC Racing
Cat 4: Tyler Shumacher, KCOI/Boulevard
Cat 4, 35+ B: Craig Hoppe, Shore Sports
Masters 35+: Josh Taylor, 360 Racing
Masters 45+: Tie: Andy Lucas, 360 Racing and Steve Songer, 360 Racing
Masters 55+: Doug Long, 360 Racing

Remember, as Series winners, not only do you get the fame and glory for the next 10 months, but you will also race for free for the entire 2010 Boss Cross Series! You will be put on "the list" for all 4 races, but that means you will also be racing in your respective category!
Once I can figure out these fancy computer thingies then I will post the entire excel file of the series results on here.
As much fun as Jeremy and I have putting on these races, and as relaxed as we like to keep the atmosphere, remember that we are doing this for you. Every promoter will tell you the same thing. In order to continue to improve upon what we do, I am asking for your opinions on how we do, what you like, and what you think we can improve. We want these races to be enjoyable, fun, and challenging. I think we do a damn good job at each of those, but of course I'm a little biased, so please, if you have something to say, then now is the time. Drop me a line at joe@cyclecitykc.com, leave a comment here, or better yet come see me at the shop.
I think Saturday was a great way to end my season as a promoter, and I hope to have a few more good races as a racer.
Here's a quote to brighten your day...I know it did mine.
"Great job on Saturday. That was, hands down, the most enjoyable and challenging course we've had all year. You and Jeremy do such an amazing job of putting things together...the bar has been raised again!"
Until next year.


josh taylor said...

joe and jeremy and the boss cross crew

thanks for contributing to the ever improving 'cx landscape' that is the KC metro area and surrounding region. Thankfully you guys love cx and cycling enough to make the huge and often underappreciated effort of being race promoters. Without guys like you, our cyclocross community would be non-existent.

thanks alot!
josh taylor

Chris Thomas said...

is there a link to the final series points?

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! We have a new team and we are focusing on Mtn. bike and cross racing. To have one of our guys who just started racing Cross win a category in your series is a highlight for our team! Thanks for putting on the seris and hope to see you guys at some of the last few races of the season or out on a trail near you this mtn. bike season!


JP Shores
Shores Sports Racing

Chris said...

BC Crew: Thanks for putting on a great race at #4. This is my first season of cyclocross and I really enjoyed the course. Well, after I was done I enjoyed it. Thanks for all of your hard work and hope to see you again on 2010.



cry said...


SlimenUndGrossen Racing said...

this message is for chris...
hey chris, i figured i try to explain it to you(where i am coming from), since you are one of the few guys with the balls to let everyone know who you are. Let me state this. I dish out a lot of shit....to friends and on my blog. Generally all tongue in cheek. I get it. What i did not agree with and rightly or wrongly(probably wrongly) went off on was some guy screwing with the facts and calling myself and others out from behind a mask. Basically he was not man enough to own up to his shit talking. People are not going to take that as a joke if they dont know who is doing the talking. Your best friend might be able to talk unflatteringly of your 'momma' but you are not gonna like when some unknown guy starts jokin' about the same thing. Trust me, plenty of my friends and my crewmates talk poorly of my own mother. I give a lot and I take a lot of shit. The diffence is when i do it on my blog, you know who is saying it and you can write me or see me out at a race and call b.s. on me. I basically sign my name or attach my name to it, 'owning' up to my my comments. Wether those comments are right or wrong, my name is on for everyone to see it. I enjoy the give and take shit talking kind of rapport with friends and my firefighter brothers.
I have stated my issues from my first comments, which were probably overwelmed by my cussing. But your friend, if he is, is way out of line. He may know Tyler and Tyler then may get his inside joke, but I dont know him and alot of other guys didnt find it humorous right off the bat either. And i am pretty sure he isnt friends with Steve Tilford, but whatever. Just thought i would try to explain to a guy who might understand. I have raced against you in the past, but that doesnt mean I know you but thought that might lead to some dialogue. Because frankly, r5 certainly doesnt get it. Very few people found it funny, except for those of you who knew who r5 is. I am done exchanging comments on that blog but I just wanted to write to you personally and explain where some of us are coming from. See you at the races...


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