Monday, October 5, 2009


Well, I'm shelled. I'm sure all you hardcores who raced both days are worse off than me... And you guys who raced one of the days are probably knackered too! I have to say, this was a bitchin weekend, ladies and gentlemen. You all really made the events badass... I must thank each and everyone for coming out, and I definitely have to shout out to Ted and Wes, as well as all the other volunteers, for helping out with what is a thankless job - wrangling incoming park users and course control. I know that there were some issues with people walking on the course during races. I also know that we need to work on it... however, despite this, I think the weekend was a sucess. We'll be posting results, series points, and all that crap in the next week or so, be patient.

This is going to be a staple on the calendar, gents... See you on Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I am still digging sand out of my shorts. I loved the Event at English landing. I am still surprised none of the riders went into the river. Good Job to you and all who helped you with this event.

Jeremy said...

Thanks, anonymous!

Telford said...

Another great year of KC cyclocross well underway...and another round Boss Cross in the books. Great course and great racing both days. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.