Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Announcements - Races #1 and 2 - English Landing Cyclocross Classic

You wouldn't believe it by reading this, but writing these posts is hard. All I really need to tell you, dear racers, is that the Boss Cross 2009 series kicks off on Saturday October 3 and Sunday October 4. We're trying to keep up with all of the other awesome cross series(es?) here in KC who have definitely raised the bar in terms of venue, production, amenities, and all that crap. I need to admit... I'm a pretty busy fellow (as everyone who takes a minute out of training, working, trying to be a good parent/spouse/student is as well), but what I may be that none of the rest of you are is super lazy. I'm also slower in life than I am on the bike.

How this affects you racers is that race information gets disseminated at a snail's pace and at the last minute. I'm usually sitting in a hotel bar after a bike ride tweaking the flyer or course maps or figuring out who's doing what when between gin and tonics and beers... Tired from a ride and half boozy from the drinks, I'm trying to get it right, really, but I can only focus for a short time...

So, as you have noticed, the general series flyer has been posted for a week or two. You can see venues, dates, categories (with new start times this year!), and prize lists... all the formal crap. But what I've been struggling to get out is information about Boss Cross #1 and #2 on Saturday and Sunday, October 3 and 4. We've put together a big prize list for this weekend kickoff - $1,000 for each day in cash and tons of bitchin prizes from TRP Brakes, Maxxis Tires, Cycle City, Boulevard Beer and others. We've also added a separate singlespeed category... Parkville has been really cool about welcoming us back into English Landing Park for the third year - even after last year's mudfest. We're changing up the course a bit - no a lot - and trying to make it harder... The goal is to make this weekend of Boss Crossin' a staple on the calendar... I'm even going to really far in to douche territory by naming it - English Landing Cyclocross Classic... Hopefully you all will help make this race a classic!

One last thing... I know that this is Octoginta weekend. And this sucks. Really. I've always maintained that cyclocross season should start the weekend after Octoginta, and you longtime BC'ers may remember that the series was the three weekends after Octoginta... Well, I now think that cyclocross is a season unto itself and we should be able to race as much cross as the guys who want to can... and while lots of crossers race on the road (or the trails for that matter), lots of us make cross our season. Other series(es) have recognized this and added dates in September (the KC Cup at Swope Park was bitchin!!), which has really helped the cross scene grow and lets CX'ers maximize the racing we can do here in KC... We're going to have four months of racing... awesome. So, if you're a guy who does race on the road, and does the Octoginta TT, go do it... then come race in the afternoon at Boss Cross - this is going to be a great weekend!

I removed the 1/2 flyer... thanks for a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Do the Saturday race late in the afternoon. More time for everyone to do other stuff.

Jeff Winkler said...

English Landing is definitely a "classic". IMO its the best local venue, keep it alive! And if you can make it even harder and muddier all the better.

Anonymous said...

The flyer was hard to find and hard to read. It was hard to read on the screen (even after magnification) and printed out in a 3"x5" size with all of the text jumbled up